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Greenland Ice Sheets melted: Breaks record

Greenland Ice Sheets melted : Breaks record

The sea level is rising at a speed which will be beyond repair due to the change in the climate. The melting of glaciers caused by global warming and climate change has caused an average annual increase in the oceans of one millimeter. Researchers said that the annual snowfall on the glaciers is no longer adequate to replenish the melting ice during the summer. The damage is beyond repairable situation as the environment change is increasing continuously.

The largest contributor to the rise in sea level is melting of Greenland’s ice sheets. Greenland lost approximately 223 billion tons of ice in 2019 alone. The loss of ice between 2003 and 2016 is approx. 255 billion tons in comparison. The emissions will further push the northern continent into the era of extreme melting point. The news analysis of the Greenland ice sheet comes in the backdrop of separate research that addressed it beyond repair. The analysis published in the same journal earlier, said that even if global warming is stopped, the ice would continue to melt in Greenland. 

Greenland Ice Sheets melted: Breaks record
Greenland Ice Sheets melted: Breaks record

New research suggests, in an alarming development, that Greenland’s ice sheets may have shrunk past the point of return. According to a report released in the journal Nature Communications Earth & Environment on 21st August, the remaining ice in Greenland will begin to melt regardless of whether the planet will be able to curb potential emissions from Global Alert. The study in Communications Earth & Environment attributed the extraordinary loss of ice to high-pressure systems that blocked Greenland last year as Europe’s warm air moved north. High carbon emissions also lead and these emissions are rising every year.

Dr Ingo Sasgen, from the Alfred Wegener Institute in Bremerhaven, Germany suggested that the fate of Greenland is still in our hands. If we limit the carbon emission below the warning level, the speed of melting sheets can be reduced. If this message of saving the planet is considered and applied by every person as a collective movement, the impacts can be reduced. The risk of huge contributions from Greenland’s ice can also be reduced.


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